Welcome to New England Violins!

Located at 351 Massachusetts Avenue and Saint Botolph Street, a block from Symphony Hall and New England Conservatory.

At New England Violins you will find a large selection of fine and modern instruments to choose from,  and the facilities to take your time and play them at your leisure in our showrooms at our studio in Boston.

To schedule an appointment, please call 617 - 262 - 8567 (VLNS).

Thank you.

New England Violins was founded in 1993 by violist and conductor Paul Dulude. Since that time, Paul has run the business out of his residence: originally a Cambridge apartment and most recently in nearby Belmont.

     While searching for his own instrument and a busy musician himself, Paul recognized the need for a resource where players of all levels could go about selecting a suitable instrument.

       This process entails many criteria—some subtle,  some not so much—but first and foremost the choice  should be predicated on matching the instrument to the

musician's need, whether student, amateur or pro-
fessional; ensemble player or soloist. 

There are the issues of playing style and of the 'playability' of the instrument to consider, especially within the context of a lifelong commitment to practice: the development of superior musicianship.

There is also the ongoing quest many if not most musicians harbor: the search to find the perfect instrument that enables them to produce their own desirable and ideal 'sound.'
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