What customers are saying about New England Violins, Inc. - Paul Dulude:

Janice Tucker Rhoda wrote: My students enjoy going to this shop to rent violins and buy necessary accessories. 

The rentals are of exceptional quality, and there is a rent-to-own policy students take advantage of.

People appreciate the kind attitude and attention received. They always feel at home here.

Kathryn Rebecca Katsenes wrote: I have been a regular client of New England Violins for many years. Paul Dulude is a master at instrument adjustments and is sought after world-wide. He is very knowledgeable with the wide variety of accessories needed to maintain the instruments' playing ability - strings, shoulder rests, chin-rests.

In the past, my students have purchased their instruments, bows, and cases from him, and they have remained his clients for their musical instrument needs.
Paul has a wide selection of fine violins, violas, and cellos, and an excellent selection of bows. 

Paul also has a one of a kind selection of chin rests - he has them made for his shop to his specifications, from select woods that add to the tonal quality of an instrument - the variety of sizes and specially contoured shapes of chin rests is amazing!

I have been to most of the string instrument shops in the greater Boston area, and would put this one at the top of the list.

Maria S. Picone wrote: So...New England Violins doesn't actually have any violins listed on the website. Don't let that get to you if you're shopping in the Boston area, or even if you're online looking for violin shops. Paul is a great person and a great salesman. Every time I go in there I get awesome service and often people just hang out there and chat.

Paul has a great selection of instruments and you can play them all without feeling rushed or hounded. He's willing to compete with other dealers in the area and he will accept your trade-in credit that has accrued while renting instruments from the major place in MA that rents instruments. (Something which I did not have, but I'm still impressed by the fact). All his policies are very fair and he gave me such a good deal on my instrument, case and bow that I left feeling as though I had cheated him, not the other way around.

Alice Belanger wrote: I have 2 daughters that play cello. We have purchased every cello through the years from New England VIolins.  I trust Paul Dulude.  He has always helped to choose the right cello for each daughter in the price range that works for us.  We like a lot of cello for our money and have always gotten that from this shop!  Paul spends one on one time with each daughter/client when we are looking for a cello.  If we have a problem with our cellos Paul always takes care of it!  New England VIolins cello selection is huge!  We currently live in SC.  My daughter's often get compliments on the sound of their instruments, and are often asked where their cello was purchased.  We have had cellos or bows sent to us by mail, or have taken the drive to Boston to purchase a cello from New England Violins.  We only trust this shop when purchasing cellos!!

Alice Belanger wrote: 

I have paid more in cello repairs in SC then I have ever paid at  New England Violins!  I always have Paul Dulude tweek any repair that we have had done in an emergency in SC.  New England VIolins has a wide range of prices and types of cellos.  I would recommend this shop for anyone looking for a stringed instrument!!

It is convenient to walk from the Symphony T stop, or Bus No 1 that goes along Mass Ave.